Car hire from Puerto Princesa (Palawan)

Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

###Car Hire at Puerto Princesa International Airport This information is correct as of June 2015.

Conquer the Philippines' 'Last Frontier', by traveling through the island with a rental car from Skyscanner. Skyscanner lets travellers discover the island of Palawan through the Puerto Princesa International Airport and its roster of car rental possibilities.

###Where to hire a car at Puerto Princesa International Airport Although not within the airport, travellers may book cars and motorcycles upon arrival to the city. There are at least four rent-a-car companies lined up just outside the Puerto Princesa Airport, and travellers may access them by simply crossing Rizal Avenue. These car rental companies include PGM21 Car Rental, Palawan Motorcycle and Car Rental, Gwen Rent-a-car, and Franchise Van Rental.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Puerto Princesa International Airport Chances are, travelers may only book the rental vehicle upon arrival to the Puerto Princesa International Airport. Most of the car rental providers in the area do not have international business numbers, nor they have websites for travellers and interested parties to access their services. A huge percentage of travellers usually go for public transport in the area, so it is pretty much unusual to book cars and vehicles, except of course, for those travellers who are planning to explore deeper and further in Palawan.

###Driving around Puerto Princesa International Airport Most roads around the Puerto Princesa International Airport are two-way roads, and the main major road in the vicinity is the Rizal Avenue, the Puerto Princesa North and South Road, and the Malvar Road. All three roads connect the airport to the major areas in the island, including Puerto Princesa proper. Generally, roads in Puerto Princesa are paved and well-maintained, and the coastal roads are lovely, especially in the morning. Driving can be pretty much enjoyable here – and even though the main services can only be found within central Puerto Princesa, travelers will still have the best time. The simplicity of the life here and the warmth of the locals add to the charm of the place.

###Getting to your destination Apart from the city of Puerto Princesa, there are no main cities in the area. However, just the sheer beauty of the place – the unspoilt beaches – are enough to sell someone out to the place. Regardless of the simple living in the area, it is beautiful, clean, and peaceful – a perfect vacation destination for people who would want to simply relax and enjoy the silence.

From Puerto Princesa (through ferry) travellers may go to the small islands from Honda Bay. To get to the bay, travelers must first drive along the coast on to the Puerto Princesa South road for two hours, and then reach the dispatch area to the Honda Bay. From Honda Bay, travellers may explore the nearby islands of touristy Dos Palmas, Snake Island, Star Island, and the further Turtle Island. Most of the said islands have no electric current – and if planning on staying here, travelers should prepare for their food, since there are no commercial restaurants or what have you. It is best to go to the market first before going on the trip. Travellers may also visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

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