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Learn how to get the cheapest airfare deals.

Skyscanner has crunched and analyzed three years’ worth of data to reveal the best time to book your cheap flights to the Philippines's favorite destinations based on searches.

The results reveal that Pinoy travellers looking to score great promo fares should book on average 19 weeks in advance, with the following being the cheapest and most expensive periods to travel:

  • Cheapest month to travel: November
  • Cheapest week to travel: 2nd week of November
  • Most expensive month to travel: December
  • Most expensive week to travel: 3rd week of December

The data also uncovered the percentage savings and the cheapest month to travel to the top 10 most popular destinations:

Destination Weeks in advance Savings Cheapest month to travel
Australia 7 12.7% August
Canada 13 11.4% October
Hong Kong 19 18.3% July
Japan 20 20.0% November
Malaysia 8 28.8% June
Singapore 12 18.0% September
South Korea 13 25.5% November
Thailand 17 19.9% November
United Kingdom 18 11.8% November
United States 20 11.2% November

Learn how to get the cheapest airfare deals with our infographic

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