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10 Best Barkada Summer Trips

They say “life is meant for good friends and great adventures”. So, for this summer, share a slice of happiness and a ton of fun and pleasurable moments with your beshies, exploring some of the world’s most beloved destinations. Not only will it fill your summer days with giggles and beautiful memories, but it will help reduce your overall travel expenses as well. Even better, traveling with your barkada will deepen your relationship, as it will unveil some of the undiscovered ugly and good sides of your buddies. ## Don’t know where to go this summer with your barkada? Check out some of Skyscanner’s top picks for the best barkada summer trips in 2018. Folks, start tagging your besties and drawing buddies! Download Skyscanner App

Best time to book cheap flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan!

One commonly asked question is when is the best time to book flight ticket to Puerto Princesa (Palawan) from Philippines? Skyscanner has analysed its data from year 2014-2017 and presented the following table. **Note: The following prices are historical average booking price per person and Skyscanner uses foreign exchange conversion rate of USD 1 = PHP 50.74 (correct as of 19 Jan 2018). To get the real updated flight ticket to Puerto Princesa (Palawan) from Philippines, please input the departure and/or return dates on Skyscanner. Search for cheap flights to Puerto Princesa (Palawan) here

7 exciting NBA-crazy teams to visit in America

Crazily and madly in love with NBA games? For hardcore basketball junkies, nothing beats the atmosphere, feeling and energy of an NBA game. From intense, dramatic finishes and slick crossovers to the narratives of the game’s icons, the NBA games are jam-packed with action, incredible storylines and highlights. And, there’s no better way to experience a playoff game than to see it live in person in one of the world’s most electric arenas. That’s why we’ve listed down some of the best NBA-crazy teams to visit in America in 2018. Download Skyscanner App

10 best city breaks in Asia

Home to over 40 countries and half of the world’s population, Asian is an electric, sprawling continent that doesn’t lack variety. Whether you’re a night owl, outdoor enthusiast, gourmand or history buff, there are dozens of incredible cities in Asia that are hard-wired to appease your taste and wanderlust. And though there are far more than a dozen cities in Asia worth exploring, these hubs, handpicked by the Skyscanner, are the 10 you must definitely check off your travel bucket list. Download Skyscanner App

Let Your Credit Card Reward Points Go the Extra Mile

Download Skyscanner App For people with wanderlust, traveling is a top priority. However, traveling can be expensive if one does not plan for it well enough. To save on travel costs, among the things you can do is book your plane tickets in advance, be on the lookout for seat sales, and use Wi-Fi instead of your phone’s plan when abroad. Another thing you can do to save on travel costs is to maximize your credit card rewards. You can do this by booking accommodation via third party sites that give discounts to those who book using credit cards. Alternatively, you can get a credit card dedicated to air miles. Using an air miles credit card is a great way to accumulate reward points from your preferred airline and enjoy perks like discounted plane tickets, flight seat upgrades, and many more. But how do you know which of the many airline credit cards you should get?

6 most scenic nature trips in Taiwan

Up for a fascinating and epic nature trip in Taiwan with plenty of jaw-dropping sights and fresh air? From offshore islands and steep mountain ranges to winding coastlines, Taiwan is truly blessed with a wealth of spectacular natural wonders. Skyscanner has a rundown of the best places in Taiwan to get your fix for nature and adventure! Lace up your hiking shoes, pack your cameras and adventure gear, and indulge on these refreshing and gorgeous nature trips in Taiwan. Download Skyscanner App

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